Plant Sales

All the plants for sales at Kirklands have been propagated here so will be hardy in almost all Scottish gardens. We are not a commercial nursery but sell plants lovingly divided from things that thrive here, cuttings or from seeds collected in the garden. A small number of plants may be purchased seed or from specialist society seed, grown for our own use and produced more than expected.

We are always available for advice on growing conditions or planting requirements. The best part of our plant sales is that you can see the parent plant somewhere in the garden. If there is something in the garden that takes your eye, please ask. It is not always possible, but if we can, we will divide a small piece, take a cutting or share seed.

One of our meconopsis is an infertile blue that was in the garden when we arrived. It seems a particularly robust plant and we divide a couple of hundred plants a year for sale. We are also experimenting with seed from other meconopsis in the garden.

We love the candelabra primulas and grow several varieties, normally from seed.

From an original 1990 bulb, divided regularly and spread around the garden, we normally have 50 Trillium Grandiflora for sale in spring.

Plant list
From time to time, we will post a plant list here of things that are for sale in the garden. If there is something particular you need, please call.
Download Plant List →Kirklands Plant list 14-02-22