Apart from the two acres of garden, there are 20 acres of naturally regenerating Scottish woodland that run between the villages of Saline and Steelend. The woodland is full of oak, ash, birch and holly. It looks about the same as it would have done 10 thousand years ago. In 1979, after Peter had a bad accident and couldn’t work in the garden; having lots of time on his hands, he applied and received a government grant to employ a team of men to build a pathway to open up the woodland as an amenity for the village.

This first section of the path runs along the course of an old mill lade. The mill dam is a few hundred yards further up in the woodland and the mill was below the school in the centre of the village. The path is a level walk for people and dogs of all abilities to walk through the wood and admire the wildflowers particularly in the spring. It also gives some great views of the garden.

The pathway also gives some great views of the garden.